Solid Waste Incinerator

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Solid waste means any refuse material which are hazardous in nature will burn at high temperature by the Solid waste incinerator designed and manufactured by Vikas Incinerator.

The Semisolid material are also in Category of Solid waste, in which we process this Waste either convert into solid from and Packed into plastic Liner bag and Feed in the primary chamber or Heating this semi Solid waste and make thin liquid which will be pumped and feed in the primary chamber by Liquid spray Nozzle specifically Designed by us.

In Solid waste incinerator the Primary chamber and Secondary Chamber is heated gradually to 850 ± 50 °C by use of Fuel like LDO/HSD/PNG/FO. Once the temperature of Primary Chamber and Secondary Chamber reaches 850 ± 50 °C and 1100 ± 50 °C respectively. Waste are charged into Primary Chamber by Specifically Designed Feeding Mechanism. The main aim is to Burn waste in primary chamber and to achieve complete destruction of volatile and carbonaceous matter in Secondary Chamber.

Flue gases generated from Secondary Combustion Chamber leave the furnace at about 1050 + 50 °C. These gases are then passed through Quench Venturi scrubber where flue gas is quenched to 100 – 120 °C along with scrubbing of particulate matter and Obnoxious gases with the help of Caustic Solution as scrubbing media.

After Ventury Scrubber flue gases are passed through Packed Column for further cleaning and cooling of flue gases. To prevent any carryover of water from packed Tower a demister is provided in packed Tower. The temperature at the outlet of packed tower will be 70-80 °C and Outlet Gases come from Stack meets desire Emission norms of Environmental protection agency.

Operating Condition PLC Based Scada System
Combustion Chamber Dual Chamber (Primary chamber and Secondary Chamber)
Gas residence time 1.5 to 2 Second
Combustion Efficiency 99%
Waste Type Liquid waste
Air Pollution Control Device Wet Scrubber and Ventury Scrubber
Operating temperature 850 °C to 1100 °C
Chimney Height 30 Meters or any other Specific Requirement
Capacity 5 kg/hr to 1000 Kg/hr