Liquid Waste Incinerator

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Liquid waste Incinerator incinerate the Liquid waste also named as Chemical Waste in a Liquid State produced by Chemical Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Paint Industry, Rubber Industry, Agrochemical Producing Industry, Solvent recovery Industry, etc.

Liquid waste Incinerator Consist of Two Stage Combustion System like primary Chamber and Secondary Chamber and Three Stage Scrubbing system like wet scrubber, Ventury Scrubber Followed by Packed bed Scrubber.

In Primary Chamber the Waste is burn at a Temp of 850+/- 50 °C and Secondary Chamber 1150+/- 50 °C. First the Waste is feed into Primary Chamber by Specially Design Liquid spray Nozzle at a desire temp. The gas is generated in Primary Chamber goes to Secondary chamber and burn gases at a temperature of 1150+/-50 °C.

After The Secondary Chamber the gases are come at Wet Scrubber, Ventury Scrubber and Packed bed Scrubber. In this The Scrubbing liquid will be spray so it neutralise the Gases and gases are come at Stack which are below the Emission Rules of Central Pollution control Board or State Pollution Control Board.

Design and Features of Solid Waste Incinerator:

  • Primary Chamber
  • Secondary Chamber
  • Automatic LDO / HSD / PNG / FO Fired Burner
  • High Alumina Content Refractory lining Inside the Combustion Chamber
  • Automatic Solid waste Feeding System
  • Wet Scrubber
  • Ventury Scrubber
  • Packed Bed Scrubber
  • Induced draft fan
  • Forward Draft Fan
  • Self- Supporting Stack
  • PLC Based Control System
  • SCADA Based Control System
  • Caustic Dosing System
  • Pneumatic Operated Emergency Stack
  • Instruments like PH Meter, Level Sensor, Thermocouple, Variable Frequency Drive, Pressure Transmitter.
Operating Condition PLC Based Scada System
Combustion Chamber Dual Chamber (Primary chamber and Secondary Chamber)
Gas residence time 1.5 to 2 Second
Combustion Efficiency 99%
Waste Type Liquid waste
Air Pollution Control Device Wet Scrubber and Ventury Scrubber
Operating temperature 850 °C to 1100 °C
Chimney Height 30 Meters or any other Specific Requirement
Capacity 5 kg/hr to 1000 Kg/hr