Industrial Waste Incinerator

Portfolio item 6

Industrial waste generates from Chemical reaction of Various reactant in Chemical industry, Agrochemical Industry in the form of Solid waste, Liquid, Waste, Semisolid waste. In this the Industrial Waste not have market use and also Hazardous in the nature and toxic to Environment and human including animal.

Industrial waste Incinerator is use for Incineration of industrial waste either liquid or solid or semisolid form shall be carried out combustion using atmospheric air. Waste to Air ratio shall be maintained so as to ensure complete combustion of waste. Temperature of primary Furnace shall be maintained at min 800 °C. In addition to the Calorific Value available with the waste, fuel (LDO/HSD/FO/PNG) shall also be used as fuel to maintain the minimum required furnace temperature. Primary furnace shall be a brick lined furnace having adequate layers of fire bricks and insulation brick at the inside of the shell.

Hot flue gas from the primary furnace shall be fed to the secondary combustion chamber. Secondary combustion chamber shall be stationary brick lined furnace. Here, flue gas temperature is raised to 1100 °C using Fuel burner. This Fuel burner is also provided with burner management system to control temperature, oil to fuel ratio and flame failure device. Here flue gas is given retention time of minimum 2 seconds to ensure complete destruction and removal efficiency of organic constituents.

Ash and molten slag generated as a product of combustion shall be removed from the bottom of the furnace.

Quench Cooler shall be provided immediately after secondary combustion chamber. It shall be designed to take gas inlet temperature of 1100 °C. In Quench Cooler gas and liquid is brought into intimate contact to quench flue gas stream. Sudden quenching of Flue gas from 1100 °. C to 200 °C. helps to stop reformation of dioxin and furans in flue gas. During this process due to cooling of flue gas, circulating water gets evaporated in flue gas streams.

Operating Condition PLC Based Scada System
Combustion Chamber Dual Chamber (Primary chamber and Secondary Chamber)
Gas residence time 1.5 to 2 Second
Combustion Efficiency 99%
Waste Type Industrial waste
Air Pollution Control Device Wet Scrubber and Ventury Scrubber
Operating temperature 850 °C to 1100 °C
Chimney Height 30 Meters or any other Specific Requirement
Capacity 5 kg/hr to 1000 Kg/hr