Hazardous Waste Incinerator

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Hazardous waste have many type like Solid waste, Liquid waste, Hazardous Gas waste, Thick Liquid waste, Fully Liquid waste, Solid Powder waste, Semi solid/Paste, Fumes/Vapours, Solid Loose Waste etc. All of the above waste are Hazardous in characteristics and require for incineration.

>The World class technology for developing, Designing and Manufacturing the Hazardous waste Incinerator system for destroy the Hazardous and toxic type of waste and make Environment Pollution Free to increase the Life of human being and Environment.

Vikas Incinerator Develops Latest technology for more efficient incinerator to destroy and reduce the Hazardous waste. By use of this technology, it is possible to control the combustion rate of the waste and therefore reduce the air pollutants produced by Hazardous if it will not treated in Incinerator system.

Operating Condition PLC Based Scada System
Combustion Chamber Dual Chamber (Primary chamber and Secondary Chamber)
Gas residence time 1.5 to 2 Second
Combustion Efficiency 99%
Waste Type Hazardous waste
Air Pollution Control Device Wet Scrubber and Ventury Scrubber
Operating temperature 850 °C to 1100 °C
Chimney Height 30 Meters or any other Specific Requirement
Capacity 5 kg/hr to 1000 Kg/hr